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Previously printed in TUCSON WOMAN MAGAZINE:

by Charles Spillar
    Over 17 yrs. ago, a remarkable woman named Micki Voisard had a life changing experience. Her doctor told her these frightening words, "you have cancer." Misdiagnosed by four medical specialists prior to her operation, she found out after surgery she had stage 3B-carcinoma ovarian cancer that had metastasized. After a consultation with her oncologist she decided to go against his recommendations of chemotherapy and radiation and chose instead to use alternative medicine to heal herself. This decision was made after she confronted her doctor asking for patient statistics of his recommended treatment for someone with her stage of cancer. She found none of his patients with her condition had lived over a few years after treatment.
     It appeared her life had become a roulette wheel...Red?...or...Black? She chose RED and went to the Livingston Medical Center in San Diego where she received non-traditional therapy utilizing alternative diet and nutrition. She has shared this healing knowledge in her published book CANCER...THEN HEALING. Now 17 years later, she is still cancer free and "thriving". With this knowledge and her years of experience working with dogs, she has chosen to use her important understanding of diet and nutrition using real food, not processed commercial pet food, to improve the lives of many people's best friend...their dog. She is definitely a woman on a mission wanting to share her knowledge with others.
     When Micki was 21 and an airline stewardess for Flying Tiger Airlines, traveling in and out of Vietnam doing troop transport, she had an experience that truly impacted her love for dogs. On one flight, instead of soldiers, the cargo was a large number of special dogs, trained by the military to discover mines, trip wires, hidden enemy soldiers and other dangers. These War Dogs were responsible for saving thousands of our service men's lives. On this flight she asked one of the dog handlers what they fed their animals in combat. His quick reply was "we feed them the same thing we eat because our lives depend on them." Those words stuck into her mind all of these years and her experiences with the cancer treatments made her reevaluate what we feed our animals.
     Experimenting with her own pets and those she fed for years in rescue shelters, she noticed major changes in their behaviors and appearance. She saw first hand just how important a real food diet with the proper nutrition was to assure a healthy life.
     If you own a dog, then you definitely need to meet Master Dog Chef Micki Voisard, author, public speaker, radio talk show host, animal nutrition consultant and TV host. Her company, Dog Chefs of America is dedicated to helping your canine pal live a longer more vibrant life. With over 25 years experience she is an expert on the importance of proper diet and nutrition for our pets.
     In the first half of the 20th Century most of our dogs lived to be 15-20 years old. Now veterinarians consider a dog old at 7! Why? Could it be what you are feeding your pet? A DVD documentary was made featuring Ms. Voisard and internationally known veterinarian  and author Dr. Richard Pitcairn. It really opens your eyes to the primary culprit. Unheard of years ago, diseases like cancer, diabetes, arthritis, liver disorders and many other diseases never existed in the astounding numbers seen in dogs today. The DVD is EAT, DRINK AND WAG YOUR TAIL, produced by Interdependent Pictures of Hermosa Beach, CA.
     Ms. Voisard and her Dog Chefs of America have received publicity in local and national magazines as well as a large number of online publications. Even in Australia, several food oriented online and print publications are writing about her unique talents. She was also featured on the CBS EARLY SHOW and Arizona Highways TV Show and magazine.
     Recovering completely from a deadly disease really taught Micki Voisard the importance of life and has created a real mission and passion in her work. She's aware that she "beat the odds" and learned knowledge very important to your own health and to your canine friend. Perhaps one of the most important things she learned from her experience  is the importance of putting "joy" into our life. Our pets add a lot of joy to our lives and keeping them around for as long as possible is her mission. Her good health, happiness and success are an inspiration to everyone. Just because life may knock you down, it doesn't mean it will knock you out. Her life is proof of that!

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