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From "THE DOG CHEF'S ROAD FOOD MANUAL": "Look at feeding your dog
like an exciting adventure, it opens up a whole new world in your life. You'll find yourself in places you never thought you would be. Like Farmers Markets, they take
on a whole new meaning because now you're shopping for the whole "pack". The hunt is on -  you're looking out for deals!"
      "The Dog Chef's
 Road Food Manual"
  Whether you're traveling with   your dog or pretending to be!
  by Master Dog Chef Micki Voisard
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             Road Food Manual!

From "The Dog Chef's Road Food Manual":
"Sardines in water! I wish I invented it - what a fountain of wealth of minerals, good fats and life-giving nourishment! Give one can per week - divide up a 1/4 fish per day, for a medium sized dog, 2 cans per week for a larger dog. Give plain - not with commercial dog food - can be viewed as a treat but counted as real food and calories."
  "The Dog Chef's Road Food  
shares what natural food to feed your dog while traveling or just
hanging out at home!
Easy shortcuts, where to buy
fresh food, preparing meals in your RV,  camp stove or at home. And enough incentive to help
you go the extra mile for your dog!

Master Dog Chef Micki Voisard has
been teaching people how to feed
their dogs healthier for over 20 years.
She started Dog Chefs of America in
1999 (
and has been on numerous TV shows and featured in many DVD's on preparing natural food for dogs.
Her previous book, "Becoming The Chef Your Dog Thinks You Are" sold
65,000 copies.

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